103 Annual Wyoming State Trap Shoot

By Kimberly Putnam

Hardy Musselman, Overall at 2018 Wyoming State Shoot.

The Wyoming State Trap Shoot took place July 4-8 in Torrington WY. The warm Wyoming days brought in 236 shooters from as far away New Zealand with a 100 in state shooters. The event had numerous shoot-offs for both in and out of state shooters, but the shooter that stood out for the State of Wyoming was Hardy Musselman while the out of state shooter that stood out was Stacy Rehor from Colorado.

Hardy Musselman, of Douglas, Wyoming, started off strong by taking Champion in Single Event 1 with a score of 100. He followed suit with the events that followed. He took Champion in Handicap Event 2 and Darrell Jones Singles event 6. And he took his class in the remaining events. He missed being Champion in the 50 pair doubles Event 3 by four birds to Hunter Howe, Torrington, WY and Wyoming Singles Champion Event 7 by 1 bird to again to Hunter Howe. His missed taking Champion in John Kelly Doubles by 5 points to Shaun Musselman. But even with those drop birds it didn’t stop him from taking to take both HAA with a score of 393 and HOA with a score of 973 for in-state Winner. This amazing young man has some shooting skills that make attending shooting events interesting.

Stacy Rehor of Colorado not only took her class in numerous events but she took champion in 50 pair Doubles event 3 shooting a 100 birds, while taking her class in all the remaining events except for John Kelly Doubles event where Janessa Beaman took the event by 1 bird. She took HAA with a score of 394 and HOA with a score of 984.

Young shooters to watch from the Wyoming State Shoot are Zach Egland, Sub Junior from Nebraska, Jeremy Cripps, Junior, From Nebraska and Riley Stevens, Junior, from Colorado. These three put on an excellent showing at this state shoot though their ability to hold their own when it came to shoot offs. More than once Zach Egland was in a shoot off between these other two young men for champion. Other shooters can look to see tough competition as these young men as they fine tune their skills. As for the in-state shooters at the top of the list you will find not only Hardy Musselman, Junior Gold, but also Garrett Steele and Hunter Howe, Sub Junior, these young men are respected by those around them. All these young shooters not only bring enthusiasm to the sport, but they show that there will always be a future in shooting sports.

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