2020 WY State Teams

Congratulations to the shooters that qualified for the state team this year. It takes dedication and determination to excel at this sport and those that do deserve the recognition.

Mens Team

Chad Frericks 93.30
Bob Tomlin 90.69
Tracey Colson 88.73
Rod Dvorak 87.94
John Harris 87.93

Sub Vet

David McNally 92.65
Steve Bannister 92.28
Mark Fuechte 90.83 Junior Gold
Steven Gudahl 86.71


Gerald Wiliams 90.33
David Banks 89.56
Don Berry 87.04
Dana Ideen 85.86

Lady 1

Kimberly Ideen 86.37

Lady 2

Barbara Hodgson 81.30
Teri Turner 81.01
Rhonda Dick 77.26

Junior Gold

Nico Elardi 90.83

Senior Vet

James Butler 91.79
Thomas Rezanina 91.77
Harv Fridley 91.55
Jerry Reed 87.77

Also, congratulations to members of the ATA All-American Teams

Hunter Howe – Junior 1st team
Linda Gibson Gudahl – Lady 2 2nd team
Nico Elardi – Junior Gold 2nd team
John Kelly – Vet 1st team

Download the “2020 WY State Teams” list in PDF format HERE

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