99th Annual Wyoming State Trap Shoot

by  Kimberly Putnam


Excitement and anticipation was in the air as participant arrived at the 99th annually Wyoming State Trap Shoot July 2-6. As participants arrived from 38 states, Canada and New Zealand the Goshen County Sportsman Complex (GCSC) in Torrington, Wyoming welcomed them to their club and city.

Many shooters had participated in past state shoots around the country, but this was a first for eleven- year-old trap shooter Hunter Howe. In the first singles event Hunter had his first 100 straight. Hunter tied with Darrell Jones who is an older, much more experienced shooter, for the singles champion spot.

It was the excitement that one witnessed through Hunter that set the stage for the weekend. Bodie Johnson scored in AA Class with a score of 99, Jason Gies scored in A Class with 99, Robert Grann scored 97 in B Class and Dustin Cushman scored a 96 in C Class. Another memorial moment was the return of Hardy Musselman, 2013 HOA champion, scoring 99 in the JR class.

As the second event finished, the medium yardage handicap champ was Stan Looney with a 98. David Allen took short yardage with a 97 while John Harris and Shawn Tessman  tied for medium yardage. It was John Harris who took medium yardage. Chad Frericks scored 97 from the 27 to take long yardage.

As Doubles (Event 3) finished, it was Phil Kiner that shot his way to the champion spot with a score of 98. Bodie Johnson and John Kelly tied with a 97 in AA. John Kelly won the even . Again Hardy Musselman took his class with a score of 91. Could Hardy be on his way to a repeat at State?

A four way tie is how Doubles (Event 4) ended. Justin Smith, Bodie Johnson, Dave McNally and JohnKelly all scored a 98.  It was Bodie Johnson who took champion, leaving John Kelly to take AA Class and Justin Smith to take A Class.  Gerry Mack scored a 93 for B Class and Jeff Williams scored 89 for C Class.  Once again Hardy Musselman was on top in the JR Class with a 97.

As the Handicap (event 5) finished there was a five way tie Jerry Shilling, Phil Kiner, Howard Dykes, Gordon Schrayer and Tracey Colson all scoring of 97.  After the shoot off, Tracey Colson took champion. Gordon Schroyer took short yardage.  Howard Dykes took medium yardage, and Jerry Reed took long yardage.

 As singles (Event 6) came to an end, once again there was a tie for champion, Jerry Reed, Chad Frericks, Gerry Mack and Jim Butler all scored 100.  Jim Butler took champion.  Chad Frericks with a score of 100 took AA Class.  Lanny Hietz took A class with a score of 99 after a tie with Jason Gies.  Robert Grann scored 98 for B Class.  Jerry Marcotte scored a 97 for C class after a tie with Paul Raia.  Again we see Hardy Musselman take his class with a 97.

 As Singles Championship (event 7) finished, Hardy Musselman was finally in the Champion’s spot with a final score of 200.  But close behind him was John Kelly as runner up with a 199 and Bodie Johnson in AA Class with a 198.  Gerry Mack scored a 198 for A Class. Robert Grann took B class with a score of 196.  Josh Baack scored a 191 to take C Class.  Chad and Dean Frericks won the parent/child shoot with a combined score of 387 while Lanny and Tanie Heitz took the husband/wife shoot with a combined score of 384.

Bodie Johnson took Doubles (event 8) Champion by scoring a 99.  Shawn Tessman scored a 97 for AA Class.  Jeff Strange took A Class with a 95.  Mark Fruechete scored a 95 for B Class, while Randy Jackson scored a 93 for C Class.  Again Hardy Mussleman makes his appearance in his class with a 94.

Handicap (Event 9) championship shoot finalized with Steve Gudahl scoring 100 for Champion.  Shawn Tessman took runner up with a 99.  Other places included Clyde Corkill with a 96, John Kelly with a 96, Gordon Schroyer with a 95 and Jason Ruby with a 94.

With all the events finishes and after all the scores were compiled the HOA was Bodie Johnson with an overall score of 969,  following him in the runners up spot was John Kelly with a 962.  As for Hardy Musselman he took his class in the overall shoot with a 962.

The in-state HAA champion was Shawn Tessman with a score of 393.  John Kelly took runner up with a score of 389.  Hardy Musselman took his class with a score of 392. The out of State HAA Champion was Stacy Rehor with a score of 393 and runner up was Canyon Ferris with a 387.

The 2014 Wyoming State Trap shoot came to an end, but many are looking forward to 2015. The 2015 Wyoming State Trap Shoot marks in 100th state shoot and will be held in Laramie, Wyoming in July of 2015.  Hope to see you all there.